Why choose us?

  1. Modern prevention of chronic diseases
  2. BVH – the easiest solution to prevent a chronic disease
  3. BVH – a network of international competence, which will not let you feel lonely in the face of serious illness
  4. You can find us in all three Baltic States, Ukraine and our network is constantly expanding
  5. Healthcare accompanies you wherever you travel
  6. A professional physician can evaluate your vital functions in real time
  7. We provide consultations on health issues 24 hours a day with no location, language or competence boundaries
  8. In case of a need, your physician can attract a limitless number of colleagues
  9. When you travel or stay in any part of the world, your family doctor can monitor your health indices and warn you about any possible issues on time.
  10. If you have left Lithuania for a long time and your parents or other family members are left at home, in critical moments BVH can provide them with real time health support


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