BVH privacy policy is based on the principles of safety and confidentiality.

We never:

  1. Disclose any of your personal data to the third parties.
  2. Our entire activity is carried out strictly in accordance with the European Union directives on data protection (95/46/EC; 2002/58/EC), as well as the planned reforms in the European Union data protection (

Your personal data is available only to your BVH consultant. All your personal data is stored at our servers. The servers, equipped with extraordinary security measures, are kept at the data centre in Belgium.

Due to its particularly high security the Benelux countries chose this data centre for keeping digital medical data.

The safety of the Centre was certified by ISO 27001 certificate. The servers are protected by physical technology and software used by banks and governmental institutions of the Benelux countries. Seeking for even greater privacy, after consultations our clients enjoy the right to demand to delete all the personal data from our system.
Our servers are equipped with the best security technology and we make regular daily backup copies of all the data.
Both the on-line platform and the mobile applications include SSL certificates of high security level, which ensure that the data will not fall into the hands of the third parties, while the output codes are encrypted.
The system uses user/password authentication.
The amount of data that can be accessed is determined by the patient. The access to the other patient data is forbidden.
If the system is not used for 15 minutes, communication processes for the users registered in the system turn off automatically.

Data safety

SSL certificate

BVH network uses asymmetric cryptographic encryption for all transmitted data. As soon as the information you have entered leaves your computer or mobile device, it is encrypted with a 256-bit encryption. This ensures particularly high security of confidential data.


All the information in the BVH servers is encrypted. Daily backup copies ensure high data security in unforeseen circumstances. Diegem (Belgium) data centre security systems ensure that your data is safe and not accessible to third parties. BVH platform source code is stored and encrypted using COMODO.

Data accessibility

BVH does not implement any data exchange with the third parties. All the data entered into the BVH platform is your property and is not transferable to the third parties.

Data viewing

BVH platform was designed in accordance with the privacy requirements of the clients. Your data can be seen only by your consultant. The information and data that you provide will not be accessible to other BVH employees or consultants.
Personal data in the treatment facilities of the BVH network is processed in accordance to the law on handling personal data.
The treatment facilities that belong to the BVH network include the following numbers of the personal data controllers of the Republic of Lithuania:


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